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SRLogoWatch the Video Where I Called It the Salvation of the Chiropractic Profession and How It Has Even Greater Power For Dentitsry

Before you reach out, you need to know a few things about the product, including whether your office is suited for it or not.

Fortunately, I have a completely an unbiased opinion, and, while I’ve recommended it to most practicing professionals, there are a number of cases where I recommended against it at this time. Knowing the industry and the ins and outs of practicing from my vast 23+ years experience, I’m able to assess whether or not it will be practical. So, before you inquire, do speak with me and I’d be happy to chat at length about it.

Watch the video above and you can read my full endorsement of it here on my podcast website.

You may also read my article about Patient Relationship Management and SolutionReach here on my marketing news site.

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