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How to Hire a Dental Marketer to Tell Your Practice Story

Hiring a Dental Marketer Is Like Making a Movie

You need someone to market your dentistry practice as it’s busy enough to delegate. After all, you’re way too busy to manage it and patients too. Right?

You wouldn’t think twice about hiring an RDH or dental assistant, largely because they are work within the same “wheelhouse” as yours. From that platform, you have mastered marketing, boomed it and now need to delegate to give it the fuller attention it deserves. So, someone with dental experience seems a logical choice.

Knowledge, growth, delegation. That’s a simple, effective formula.

Then, why do these candidates fall short of your expectations?

You need to bring it back to the basic that got you able to get your practice marketing to function. Knowledge, growth and delegation still apply, but as the “director” of your practice and the teller of your practice story, you need to be more of a casting director than a VP of human resources. Casting characters in roles you define is the answer. And, here’s how that is done…

How to Pick Ideal Candidates to Do Dental Marketing

Many dentists think hiring an RDH or someone with industry experience is the solution to this. After all, they know the products and who better to sell them than someone who knows all about it. This is a great start and a sound idea but is by no means an end-all solution.

At the other end of the spectrum, many dental practice owners and marketers seek someone with “marketing experience” to fill the position and find themselves lost in branding, positioning and market demographics with no new patients in the door and a shrinking practice, all while paying a hefty salary to the dental marketer who has little or no understanding that dentistry is different than the rest of the free market in terms of how it is sold.

Whew… that was a mouthful!

You are on the right track here and the answer is closer than you think. All of these things are important but are not even half of what you need to look for.

Authors, playwrights and movie makers all know something you don’t: Character development comes before casting.

What Qualities Should a Dental Marketing Assistant Have?

Though most of life is best understood in extreme simplicity, this is definitely an area where you do not want to oversimplify. You must be as detailed as possible. Qualities are important. Functions are important. Ability to understand and act effectively is paramount. But, there is a deeper “story” at play, quite literally.

You can liken this to telling a good story. The best stories told have two things: plot and characters.

Plot is simple. What is the story about, where will it go and where does it end up? As for characters, they have complex profiles, personalities and backstories, all which contribute to the flow and depth of the story. These are the qualities you should seek in people.

Which qualities are best? Stop asking others what they are. It is your story so you get to define exactly what they are, down to the last detail. Making lists of what qualities are necessary is imperative and makes the hiring process so much easier.

How Do You List All the Qualities You Want Without Missing Any?

Start making lists of qualities that are most desirable and especially unwanted. This is your baby, so really give it your all. Sit down when you are all alone and undisturbed, and flesh out a basic list. You can even keep it in journal form as a work in progress.

It doesn’t have to be in one sitting. As you go through your day you will think of things while at work that you will want to add. Go ahead and add them. Do this until you have all the qualities and you are satisfied that you have profiled exactly who you need to fill the position.

Consider the ideal. Someone who knows what makes people tick, who can see trends and view things from the patient viewpoint is a good start. What qualities do you want from there forward? Friendly? Engaging? A go-getter? Someone who loves to network? How about someone who knows how to enlighten people to take action? The sky is not even the limit.

You may even find that “if you build it, they will come” is not a cliche. For, when you name out precisely what you want, you’ll be surprised how it shows up on your doorstep, exactly how you envisioned it. The best of visionaries and entrepreneurs know this secret. You can yet apply it to hiring a dental marketing assistant.

Developing a Character Requires Casting the Right Person for the Role

It’s true. Any movie, play or great work of literature has fully-developed characters which allow for finding the exact right person for the role, who will make that character come to life. Filling your dental marketer position (or any other position for that matter) is no different.

The more detailed you get about the character traits, personality, quirks and backstory, the more honed-in you will be on the exact person to cast. Wouldn’t you want to be as detailed as possible?

It Was Easy for You To Do Yourself Because You ARE Your Story!

Lest we forget, this whole “delagating your dental practice marketing” thing all started because you mastered it to some degree, expanded, and decided you needed someone who will make it their primary focus. But, that started with the decision of what type of practice you will have, what kinds of help you will deliver and what sort of successful patient products you will distribute into your community.

In other words, it started with your practice story. You ARE your practice story. Now it’s time to cast the characters who will help tell it.

You Don’t Need a Marketing OR Dental Expert, You Just Need the Right Character!

You’ve written the screenplay, you’ve developed the story, plotline and fleshed out the characters. With deep subtext and backstories, personality traits and quirks, tragic flaws and heroic tendencies, you have put together characters that will turn your story into a blockbuster. Now comes casting.

Hiring a dental marketing assistant is just the process of casting a well-defined role. So, you must define the role thoroughly and completely, check your overall practice goals (the entire story from beginning to end) and measure up their traits against them to see if they tell the story the way you want an audience to receive it. With detailed character roles, you know exactly what you’re looking for in terms of people to play them.

And so the interview process for dental marketers becomes simple. You are just looking for someone who measures up to all the character traits of a well-defined role. Someone who can pull off bringing that role to life, 100% of the traits, 100% of the time, with no exception.

High standards are made of this.

And, if you are detailed enough, you won’t be doing much looking at all. You may find they’re right in your vicinity. You just never knew who you were looking for – until now!

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