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3 Key Lessons Dental Screening Corporate Employees Taught Me

I spent 3 years straight doing corporate dental screenings and you won’t believe what I learned!

If you don’t know me, know this: I am The Rogue Screener and a rogue advocate of wellness. That means I am out there on the front lines meeting people and getting them to kick their own personal wellness into high gear using tools to help them live well and prevent illness. While I spent a large part of my career advocating the Chiropractic profession, having screened thousands of people and sending them to take their next step on the road to wellness, someone asked me along the way if I could do what I do for dentists.

I thought about it for one second and said, without a doubt, “yes I can”.

So began an interesting experiment which lasted the next 3 years of my career. In fact, I took a hiatus from Chiropractic to pilot this new territory.

What I found was shocking: Dentistry was even simpler to advocate than Chiropractic using my unique, face-to-face screening method, The True Screening Process. And, I learned some valuable lessons about how to “sell” a specific dentist, and how it doesn’t require much of a sales pitch at all.

Here are 3 valuable, key lessons I learned which can be a dentistry practice marketing game-changer.

What Trumps Dental Sales In Getting New Patient Cases?

I realize you need to keep your chair full and make every visit count. There are bottom lines and high-flown dental marketing and practice growth goals to meet. Perhaps a visit in your chair that yields no sale is even worse than a no-show. At least you could’ve filled that slot with someone who buys!

But, when it comes to dental screenings of corporate employees, sales is an uninvited, most unwelcome guest.

In all my years doing screenings, perhaps the foremost lesson I have learned is that selling is an absurd bastardization of what I have defined as the True Screening Process, which I developed into a workable, usable tool, to get floods of arrivals to clinics. Doing a dental screening implies that you will look for warning signs and make recommendations, not diagnose and sell treatment.

It’s a simplicity so basic, it gets overlooked. You need to concentrate on recommending people take their next step with you. And that is NOT to buy a treatment plan. Consultation is the next logical step.

How Geography Can Be a New-Patient Game-Changer

If there is one handy lesson I learned from doing corporate screenings for dentists, it’s that geographic location and proximity to the workplace mean everything. Many dental marketers, in trying to get “everybody” and cast a wide net, miss this.

Corporate employees ordinarily have a dentist. Everyone does, really. Most are near where they live, however, and such people need odd-hour appointments (evenings, weekends, etc.). Strangely enough, most of these people never think to look in the area around where they work. It is on this premise alone that corporate dental screenings are prime dental marketing tools.

In most cases, just telling the person you are located close to work is all that is needed for them to switch to you.

What Motivates People to See or Stay Away From a Dentist?

I don’t have to tell you about dental fears, bad experiences and reservations people have when it comes to marketing dentistry to your community. I probably need not mention that, often, such fears must be tackled, head-on.

Many dentists have decent techniques for handling dental fears and negatives about the profession in general. What most don’t know is that even such techniques are not needed.

Just the fact of bringing up fears and bad experiences in a conversation or survey, and letting the person tell you about them serves to accomplish a couple of things. First, it gets them to feel slightly better about it. More importantly, it can be very powerful in that it gets the person to see that it was a specific circumstance with a specific clinic and that future experiences are not necessarily dictated by the bad ones.

BONUS LESSON: How to Ignite Interest in Dentistry

An all-encompassing, conclusive bonus lesson is that there is one factor that drives a person to your clinic: interest. Not to over-simplify, but interest can summarize the entire subject of dentistry marketing.

All you need to do during a dental screening interview and survey is to get the person wondering more about conditions, oral health goals, aesthetic challenges and what may be available to solve them, WITHOUT SOLVING THEM THEN AND THERE, and you have it made. That is what true interest is made of.

This applies to ALL dental marketing ideas and techniques. From advertising to screenings, social media to mailings, the key is interest and if you have that, you have a willing participant and a potential sale and lifetime patient too.

In the opinion of this “Rogue Screener”, with my more than two decades experience, corporate dental screenings are the most valuable source of new-patient traffic who convert to continuous lifetime care. And that is a fact that flies into the teeth of traditional dental marketing!

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