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3 Ways Recare Stands Between You and Immediatetly Doubling Your Practice

Q: Does recare stunt practice growth or double practice size? A: Both!

There are many arguments among dental practice owners pro and against recare. Many find it an annoying waste of time and concentrate on new patient traffic. Others insist upon it and feed it with newsletters, postcards, birthday cards, texts and the like. It’s really all in how you look at it. But even those who believe there may be some value in promoting it, quite a bit can be left to be desired in terms of how much it grows a practice.

At best, most people find it is sustaining existing practice size. But that is only half the truth, quite literally. And, there are 3 ways it blocks its own very growth potential. Understanding them can unlock the secret to doubling, trebling or more. Some understanding is, therefore, key.


This seems rather obvious and it is mostly underemphasis by those dental marketers who feel recare is a waste of time. Even those, however, who see some value in it make the mistake of falling short of its true potential.

The true value of it is actually calculable in a simple formula which involves calculating the active patient ratio. With a few simple calculations, I have found this is measurable down to the last patient or case. It can be figured out. Suffice to say, in absence of such metrics, the value remains unknown.


For those who find it a strong marketing approach, and who recognize that existing and former patients are way easier to inspire to take action than new ones, they are yet falling short of their full practice growth index and potential, and are turning away lots of practice income.

Marketing of dentistry is rough and expensive enough and recare is a welcome relief from the high price tag of getting new patients in the door. Doing what they are currently doing, however, is buying them the volume at which they seem to be stuck. In other words, the dental marketing you do now is buying you the practice size you have. To grow, you must do what you are doing as well as add more. It’s a simple concept but a blatant mistake made by most dental marketers.

Especially in recare, you need to buy what you’re currently getting in caseload and income, but, quite in addition, you must be doing additional actions or more volume to bring in the extra.

Obsession With New Patients

This is a blatant ignorance of the power of recare.

It’s not to call you names or insult your intelligence. The accumulation of identities who come in for care, who collect in your database and are never to be contacted again makes new patient marketing into dental marketing obsession, not to mention overwork, stress and burnout.

Even if things seem fine at present, such overwork and its consequences are just around the bend.

How to Start Doubling a Practice

It’s clear that these three issues present barriers to simple, easy and effective dentistry practice growth and debar rapid increase of practice size, not to mention the potential increased practice income that gets left on the table. And, undoubtedly, undervaluation and underutilization inevitably and invariably lead to obsession with new patients.

It’s the classic and cliche “leaky bucket” scenario where filling the bucket from the top must be constant to compensate for what is lost through the bottom. Dental recare marketing is an obvious, powerful tool but, think about the minuscule percentage you are treating at present. If you could just double the tiny amount of your database that you service, you would instantly double your practice. And it’s not that hard to do.

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