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Dental Marketing Mysteries Not So Mysterious When You Know This

What dental marketing has been missing is found in a parallel profession and can be learned.

With all the top marketing professionals, platforms and media out there, not to mention the overabundance of dental practice consultants, it is a wonder that there is any mystery left to marketing a dentistry practice. But, with all the business that floods dental, orthodontic and periodontic practices from modern marketing methods, there is still an untapped gold mine, one which holds the keys to unlocking even the failed sales from other marketing methods, something known to a parallel profession and held as a well-kept secret, that is until I got a hold of it. That profession is Chiropractic and the medium is the medical screening process.

Before there were internet and social media, I had to learn to grow a practice organically.

As few as 10-12 years ago, we were not growing using modern technological platforms, nor were we talking to the same audience. There has been a generational changeover in the last decade or so in both the technical and demographic space. And, while many dentists and practice owners used marketing media such as mailings, newspaper and phone book ads, among other things, growing face-to-face was largely deficient. With social media being the new “face-to-face” and word-of-mouth, virtual it may be, it is difficult to navigate in the absence of knowledge of true organic interaction with people out in public.

Dental screenings for new patients are unsurpassed in social interaction.

Nothing grows an audience faster than a face-to-face, one-patient-at-a-time approach. For one, it gets the message out there, but, more importantly, it enables you to do a proper enlightenment, one scaled to a scope small enough for a person to understand in a short conversation, with an incremental call to action that just starts with the first, diagnostic step resulting in an arrival in the office. My experience has not only found this to be true with thousands of people I have screened, but also in the doctors I have spoken to with regard to closing cases in-office. In fact, practice owner dentists and other professionals report that, if they could just get a patient to show up, they would sport a 80-95% case treatment plan closing rate. And, as for the ones who feel they are terrible at sales, 50% (which ain’t bad at all)! So the key ingredient, wild variable and mystery in dental practice marketing is the screening process, and, no matter where it is done (by phone, email or face-to-face) there is a true process to getting it done.

Before automating marketing or sales, you must first understand its live function.

What does all this mean to the dentist trying to market a practice or dental marketer aiming to expand, increase traffic and boom new-patient function? It means a keen understanding of what I have discovered to be the True Screening Process (my coined word), which is a live conversation with someone where their awareness is raised just enough to follow a recommended call to action, one which ends up delivering three crucial elements:

1. new-patient prospects who arrive in the office,
2. who know the exact reason they are there
3. and who are interested in what they will find out about themselves, their condition, etc.

That’s it. The rest is up to you and your 50-95% case closing rate.

Case closed. Dental marketing mystery solved!

You really don’t have to look far or wide for a solution to this conundrum. Dental new patient marketing is something of a simplicity when you scale it down. And, while it’s okay to automate, the functional process of what makes people desire to come see you first must be understood and mastered, organically, in person, before letting the miracles of automation kick in. This will make for a much more robust and meaningful interaction and create ongoing conversations with people met, instead of all the one-shot-deals at getting them to take action.

How to automate it? There are hundreds of way to do so, limited only by your imagination and willingness to put the time into making them work.

Chiropractors knew about the screening process for may years and have succeeded accordingly using them, for better or worse. But, even they didn’t know what I have discovered as the True Screening Process. I have done thosands of screenings to master it and, once I did, I even then mastered it in dentistry over a period of 3 years. And it worked even better on dental prospects than it did Chiropractic ones.

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If you would like to know more about how to automate, make a point to speak with me personally. I have not only screened thousands over 2+ decades, but I AM the “rogue screener” who defied convention and found out things about how people respond that no one has found before in this profession. And I am willing to share too!

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