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Best Way to Expand Your Business

When I first came to the USA, I worked for a chiropractor as his Office Manager and assistant. It was a great position and I really enjoyed it – almost doubling the income for the practice.

Eventually I got myself set up on a bonus system so that when the income reached certain levels, I would get a bonus. While I am not money motivated, it gave me a cool game to play.

When a patient got put onto a nutrition program – or an adjustment program – I would give them a few days to be on their program then I’d contact them, usually via email, to see how things were going with them and if they had any questions.

Every week I would follow up with them and answer any questions they had or send them info as needed. These actions showed them that we really cared about their well-being and as a result they would refer others to the clinic.

Our appointment book was always booked up but if anyone needed help, as the Office Manager I would make sure they were able to see the doctor. Going beyond the call of duty has always been important to me and is how I roll.

An important part of the Clinic was keeping statistics. Daily stats and a weekly summary of everything to monitor how things were going. This included patient visits, supplements sold (value), calls or emails made to patients, gross income ……

Based on the results over the previous week, I made sure that the right actions were taken to either maintain the trend or improve it if not where it should be. This was so important and played a key role in the income almost doubling in the space of the two years I was the Office Manager.

At some point, I put in a request for a bonus to be paid me based on where the income was with targets increasing at certain increments. Besides the fact that I love helping people, as many people do, it also gave me an additional game to play.

The income just kept rising and the cool part of it is that the patients were winning, the doctor was winning and so was I.

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